A Bowl of Fruit Soup

I once asked her:

“I was stalking your timeline last night. And I read those old posts of yours. A year ago, you were so poetic. And I was just wondering, why did you so rarely to write poetry nowadays?”

Then she replied:

“I already have you. I made them because, earlier, I didn’t have someone to talk to about my feelings, thoughts, and anything what I do in a day. I used to keep it for personal. But since I found you, you became my said-poetry. So, I don’t need to write them anyway.”

I was melting in sudden way. Smiled widely for seconds. Then I continued to finish a bowl of fruit soup. Sluurrppp!

Salatiga, May 21, 2015


3 thoughts on “A Bowl of Fruit Soup

  1. Favian Reyhanif says:

    there’s no better poem than you are, i’ll nailed it to my self. hahahahaha, i should come and learn. would you?

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