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Do you realized that you were not the same person as one second ago? You are completely a different person now!

Every moment is being created newly. Osho liked to say it with “constantly new”. It never come twice. So, seize it! We both born and die into each moment – at the same time. Seize the day – the present!

It’s because you are completely a different person by now, feel free to make a change – with no fear of the matter of time. Get used to change your bio everyday – you have no a consistent life. Make yourself changeable. You are not a statue.

Some people might say you are such a pussy, inconsistent, and fickle, because you change in a glance. It’s okay, their words are meaningless – you still possible to change. But, paradoxically, you’re just changing as well. Like what you’re doing during the life-time. You’re changing every moment. You are completely alive.

That is why a change has no fear of time. You could change anytime you want. You could just quit your job by now, ask divorcement to your spouse now, ask your crush to go on date now, leave your religion which is full of rigid sacraments now, break the rules now, and so on with another nows. Never too late for being an inconsistent person. Fan the flame.

My brother once wrote that, “A man who is a hundred percent consistent is dead.” It’s true the day I Facebook today.

I remember when the last time I updated my Facebook’s bio, especially, my political views, religion, and favorite quotes on about section. I changed them into none because I had nothing to do with them. They are no longer necessary to me – and so does the whole of my written bio. Biography is nonsense. I am bio-less.

Since I am a bio-less person, I could change anytime I need. I am the change itself.


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