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Familiar No More

I have a simple question you probably can’t answer. Why did I state that? It’s because you use your mind to answer the question.

No matter how great your mind was, it’s useless. It only understands complex things, but not the simple one.

Simplicity always escapes you. The more you grab it, the more you lost. End of story.

To answer the question I haven’t asked, first, you need to know the question. But before I go with the question, you need to be out of your mind first. Let it go. Lose yourself.

The question is very simple: have you had love today?

It’s true. Instead of being blue, it would be great if we could just make love – with anyone. We could joking around with people. Cuddle our lover and feel the warmth. Caress the face and pay attention to its contour. Give a tenderly kiss or just make out harder.

But, did you really make love at those seconds you get? Or you just doing it as routines, with no consciousness?

Routines creates familiarities. You become more familiar with people you know, because you spent most of the time together. You started knowing their appearance, their habits, and even stories that been untold before.

But this familiarities have turned you cocky. You think you’ve known them well, but the fact says backwards. Your lover have been with you for years, but you stopped making love. You may seeing them eyes-to-eyes everyday, kissing in every meeting, but you never check the recent – they’re not the same!

Then you started avoid looking each other. Playing hide and seek, because everything looks so familiar! You are already familiar with your lover, so you think no need to look then. We only look to something which is unfamiliar.

Afterwards, this familiarities breeds boredom. It leads people into greediness, possesion, cheating, and antagonism – World War still happening. We making love no more.

But this familiarities cannot be true, because the universe does dynamic – constantly new. Every people we know was born and die into each moment. Nothing can be old. Nothing is familiar.


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