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Into the Waves

If you remain silence and set off your mind, you will experience how the universe form itself into waves that couldn’t be explained. But the whole of you could experience it.

The waves I mentioned is not the same with those in the sea. They were nowhere, yet they could be everywhere, if you belong to nowhere at the first place. To experience them, you need to be no-thing. Then, to be no-thing, you need to be no-mind. “Let it be,” sang Paul McCartney.

People couldn’t accept nothing. They don’t want to lose even a thing. They always wanted everything. Their mind starts dreaming everything they want in life, even plans how to achieve it. Their mind couldn’t stop thinking. They know how to think critically, deductively, or inductively, but they had no idea how to stop thinking. Trapped in their own mind, forever and ever – with no happily ever after.

With themselves under-controlled by their own mind, they are eager to build a milestone. Lots of bigger plan. Bigger the plan, greedier the men. It is true what has been said: “Men could never get enough.” But here’s why men could never get enough: couldn’t stop OVER-THINKING – their mind always busy. They couldn’t master it.

To stop yourself from thinking you need to be no-mind. Fortunately, there are no guidelines how to stop thinking – you can’t Google it. You just got to stop.

People may say that over-thinking could be stopped by one single belief. Putting your worth trust at the highest level. Holding onto religions or any other beliefs. But still, it is useless. It only makes you avoiding the real life by lurking behind dozens of verse, guidance in disguise, and ideas of being good. All of them are pathetic.

I told you. The only reason why there’s none of guideline is because no-mind takes no idea – it is beyond the Plato’s theory. You have no idea how to stop thinking. But you could just stop, with no-mind, no thinking, no-thing. Then the silence remains, with no “time’s up”. You are already into the waves.


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